Painting Light


Apache Family, 1926, by Dorothy E. Brett

Based on the life and work of Honorable Dorothy E. Brett, Painting Light is finished and about to be launched into the world.  A historical novel of approximately 80,000 words in the vein of Lilly King’s Euphoria and Dawn Tripp’s Georgia, the book follows Brett’s journey out of her past and into her future. Failure as a Bohemian on Bloomsbury’s fringes sends her with D.H. and Frieda Lawrence to New Mexico, where she fails to find her way. In 1926, she ends an affair with Lawrence, leaves him and the Old World behind, and returns alone to America. Bruised but determined, in the remote mountain village of Taos, New Mexico she embarks on an independent life devoted to artistic expression.


Dorothy E. Brett, c.1948, Taos, NM

Influenced by native  Pueblo people and by other artists in search of fresh ideas for their work, she paints with renewed energy and perspective. Through patron, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Brett develops friendships with Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz, Leopold Stokowski, architect, Claude Bragdon, and Pueblo dancer, Trinidad Archuleta. Each connection challenges and enlarges her view of the life she has chosen.


Cutting Out Fear


Pueblo Indian Man, n.d., Sketch, by Dorothy E. Brett

The sequel to Painting Light, Cutting Out Fear introduces readers to Honorable Dorothy E. Brett’s late-life determination to continue her pursuit of artistic excellence and to paint with “something to say.” Along the way, she finds new friends and helpers who influence her personal maturity and the visibility of her art. In the process, she mentors younger artists and writers.

Life Sounds

In its early stages of development, Life Sounds is a mother/daughter tale set against the backdrop of The Holocaust.